Double K Guide Service Testimonials

Double K Guide Service Testimonials

We have guided thousands of hunters over the past 35 years. Below is what just a few of those hunters have said about us.

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Rober Labahn

"Great place to entertain customers and have fun !!! Shooting your limit of pheasants is no problem. Our customers are always amazed at the number of birds and the culture of the local folks. We all end up well feed, watered and relaxed. Your fun meter will be pegged !!!"

Roger Labahn - Phoenix, AZ

Tony Blinkhorn

"For the last 15 years, I have always looked forward to my hunting trips with Dave and the gang. I have used Double K for both personal and professional use and they have always exceeded my expectations. Double K has guided many memorable hunts in the past and I am confident many memorable hunts in the future !!!"

Tony Blinkhorn
Rouzer Sales Minnesota

Steve Kenerson

"A combination of awesome pheasant hunting, great meals & lodging, and guides you can't help but like. I'd call it the perfect hunt. No bugs, no getting up at 5 a.m. & plenty to do after the hunt."

Steve Kenerson - Nashville, TN

Drew Drake

"...the Mecca of South Dakota pheasant hunting. Can't wait for our next yearly pilgrimage to SD."

Drew Drake - Boca Raton, FL

Brad L

"My company has been booking hunts with Double K for the past 17 years. My clients have been on hunts all over the world. Saying that, you can imagine the pressure to 'show a good time.' Double K has never let us down. The guides have become more than guides...they have become friends !!!"

Brad L. - Rogers, MN


"Double K Guide Service is a blast to hunt with. They have great locations & a fun, knowledgeable staff. The guides are great to work with & you will see some great animals. I will definitely be hunting with them every year from here on."

Dan - Minnesota

Brooks Johnson

"If I could only go one place in the country to bow hunt turkeys, it would be in South Dakota with Double K. I have hunted with Dave the last 9 years in a row, and never left without punching my tag. It’s as close to 100% as I have ever found."

Brooks Johnson
Co-Founder of Double Bull Archery

Keith Beam

"Saying anything is a "Slam Dunk" is usually taboo. But when it comes to bowhunting turkeys, Dave Keiser's place in Gregory, SD, is second to none. If your idea of a great spring turkey hunt is calling a bird to within 3 feet of your blind, then Dave's spot is the best. The Merriam's, Hybrids, Mutts, or whatever you call them are the most call responsive turkeys on the planet. Add the idea they never hear a gun go boom during breeding season and you have what I would like to refer to as an absolute slam dunk. Now Dave is not shooting this gobbler for you, so if you go home empty handed you probably have no one to blame but yourself. But don't let that issue darken the night for you because in the last 10 years I have hunted with Dave I have only heard of a few (less than 10) turkey hunters that failed. Dave usually guides somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 bowhunters on his 35,000+ acres. That is not very many considering the absolute plethora of turkeys you will experience. Call Dave and book a hunt and if it sucks call John Betker and whine to him....cause if you call me and bitch about it, I can promise you I will find fault in your stories. Seriously is the best place on earth to bag a gobbler with a bow."

Keith Beam
Co-Founder of Double Bull Archery

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